Activities for youth

Rooted+ is the highlight of my week! It always makes me feel good and happy after going because of all the amazing people involved!

Here at All Saints’ our youth range from yr7-yr13 and we meet up on a regular basis on a Sunday.

During the 10.15am service we go out under the name ‘Rooted’. We go out three times a month to study the same passage as is being taught to the rest of the church! On the 4th Sunday of the month we all hang around and get involved in other parts of church life, whether that is playing music, welcoming on the door, helping with the younger children or even making the tea and coffee for after the service!

In the evening, we have a group called Rooted + (‘cos it’s a little bit extra). This runs from 6-8pm, is for all those in years 7-13 and is a time of fun, games and food! We also spend more time looking at the Bible and how it applies to our lives, spending more time thinking through those passages!

Email Gen Eldred at for more information!

Rooted Calendar Autumn 2018

Rooted Calendar Autumn 2018