We had our daughter christened at All Saints’ Loose to introduce her to a Christian life and reaffirm our own faith. Attending Christianity Explored in preparation has matured us both in our faith.

Christenings, which can be a service of thanksgiving or a baptism, are an important part of British culture and a bold declaration of faith on the part of the parents and godparents of the child being christened.

The Bible sees baptism very much as the outward visible sign of an inner spiritual reality. When someone becomes a Christian they will want to be baptised to show that they are turning their life around and are now a follower of Jesus.

This is often an adult decision, and so from time to time we baptise adults who have become Christians.

The Bible also shows how God blessed His people through lines of descent and commanded the sign of His blessing to be applied to the children of His people.

The sign of that blessing changed when Jesus came, but God’s work through lines of descent continues.

So today the children of Christians are baptised as a sign of God’s purpose to work through His people’s children.

It’s important to note that baptism is a sign. It does not change God’s attitude to the child. It is appropriate therefore to baptise the children of Christian parents.

The public declarations that the parents and God parents make are very serious. It is inappropriate to baptise children of parents who are not Christians who cannot hold to the vows that they will be required to make.

A thanksgiving service is for anyone who would like to express their gratitude for the birth of their child. There is no requirement for the parents to be Christians.

There are some serious public declarations that the parents and God parents make nonetheless, and so it is important to understand these before going ahead.

To help you understand these declarations (and we are required by law to do so) we ask the parents to either attend All Saints’ each Sunday for three months, or come along to the seven evenings of one of our Christianity Explored courses which run throughout the year.

On the course parents get a chance to meet other parents to chat, share and make new friends in a relaxed and informal environment. Everyone enjoys these evenings.

Both the Christianity Explored course and the christening are absolutely free. Contact the church office by calling 01622 741265 for more details.

After the christening: what now?

All Saints’ involvement with children doesn’t end when you walk out the door after your christening.

Our Toddler Praise playgroup meets on Thursday mornings.

Have older children?

All Saints’ are committed to welcoming all ages into the church, and we have groups and activities for kids going on throughout the week. Visit our kids page for more information.