new here?

Entering a new church for the first time can be so intimidating! At All Saints’ Loose, I felt instantly at ease because everything was clear and easy to understand.

All Saints’ is a vibrant and growing church.

We’re committed to God’s word; to prayer; and to our mission ‘Going for growth in Christ’.

There’s lots going on at All Saints both on Sundays and throughout the week.


Join us for two different services. Our 8am service is a ‘traditional’ spoken service with communion and our 10.15am celebration is a service open to all, from the most experienced churchgoer, to those who’ve never really ‘done’ church, and just want to find out more about Christian things, or hear what God has to say about the big questions life throws our way.

General information

Here are some answers to common questions you might have about visiting All Saints’ for the first time.

Will children be welcome?
We welcome kids of all ages to All Saints’. You’ll find lots of other young families together on a Sunday. We spend the first part of our services worshipping together before the children go into their age-specific groups for their own activities.

Baby Changing Facilities
These are located down the corridor to the left as you face the front. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten something: it’s fully stocked with nappies and wipes. A screened off room with comfortable chairs is also available for nursing mums if you prefer some privacy (at the front of the church to the right).

Sparklers (Ages 0-2 years)
Meets in the Old Vestry in the church

Scramblers (Age 3 – school year 1):
Meets in the Scramblers room in the church for age-appropriate Bible teaching and activities.

Climbers (School years 1-2)
After some time altogether in the 10:15am service, we walk down to the chapel on Church Street for age-appropriate Bible teaching, games and crafts.

Explorers (School years 3-6)
Will leave the church building and go with their leaders to the church centre a few doors down. There they will learn more about God through games, crafts and other activities.

Rooted (School years 7-11)
This gives a chance to interact with a bigger circle of friends whilst learning and thinking about what is being taught from the Bible. Sweets are often a minimum requirement of a good Rooted session!


When do I stand, sit down, sing, kneel?
You won’t be caught out standing when you’re supposed to kneel or trying to mumble along with a response that you don’t know. (Tell your knees to relax, we rarely kneel!) Everything about the service will be explained by someone at the front and anything you need to read or do will be on the screens.

What do I wear?
Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Some of us wear ties every Sunday, and some of us always wear jeans and t-shirts.

What about communion?
Twice a month at the 10.15 service we remember how Jesus offered his life on our behalf by celebrating the Lord’s Supper or Communion (This is the bit with the wine and the bread you always see on TV shows). We usually do it at the end of the service and there’s absolutely no obligation to participate. You’re more than welcome to stay in your seat or to come up with those taking communion, but just have someone pray for you. This too will be explained when you come, so don’t worry about remembering all the details now.

Where should I park?
If you can and are early enough, please park in spaces further from the building to allow others’ closer parking. As all parking is on street, we also ask that you park considerately to avoid blocking the driveways of village residents and the narrow streets.

After the service
There are refreshments located by the kitchen and it will be easy to find – just look for the never-ending queue! If you’re interested in more information about our groups or in one of the books recommended during the service, our bookstall is at the back of the church and there are pamphlets by the door.