What We Believe

We are Christians. We believe that the Bible is the inspired voice of God.

We also believe:

  • in a God who created a perfect world and who loves us and wants us to spend eternity with Him
  • that He created Humankind in His own image
  • that Humankind became separated from God and that evil entered the world
  • that all of us, without exception, fail to live up to God’s requirements – in other words, we ‘sin’
  • that historically, in order to be forgiven for their sins and offences, people offered sacrifices for their failure to live in harmony with God
  • that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary as the Son of God. He did not sin and by dying on the cross for us he was the once-for-all sacrifice to reconcile God and us. As such, Jesus came to provide for us, a way back to God
  • that by rising from the dead, Christ showed that He had power over death and as such can offer us eternal life
  • that if we genuinely want to turn away from our failure to please God, i.e. to repent, and want to live in harmony with God, then God will acknowledge Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf and forgive us
  • that we can and do know the presence of God now in our everyday lives by His Holy Spirit who is then within us

So, as committed Christians, we share an eternal life with God and we want others to share this amazing promise with us.


Understand and confess that it is your sin or failure that separates you from God

Believe and trust and have faith that Jesus Christ died and rose again to pay the price for your failure and to open up the way to God

Commit to turning away from all those things which have separated you from God in the past and ask for God's Spirit to enable you to do so.

Act by joining a church, or perhaps come along to Christianity Explored.

Pray daily and read the Bible -- even if that is a challenge at first.

Share your experience with others.