Activities for youth

Rooted+ is the highlight of my week! It always makes me feel good and happy after going because of all the amazing people involved!

Here at All Saints’ our youth range from year 7 to year 13 and we meet up on a regular basis each Sunday.

Sunday Mornings

We meet three times a month, starting off in the main building with the rest of the church family, then head out to study the bible together, play games and chat. We follow one week behind the sermon series and so keep up with what the rest of the church are learning. On the 4th Sunday of every month we hang around and get involved in other parts of church life, whether that is playing music, helping with the younger children, on the sound or vision desk, or making tea and coffee after the service!

Sunday Evenings

On the first Sunday of every month we meet from 6-8pm at the church building for Toasties and Testimony. It is an evening of fun and games, delicious toasties, and a chance to hear what Jesus is doing in peoples lives. It is a great way for us to get to know individuals from the rest of the church better, and also to see what it looks like first hand for people to be living for Jesus wholeheartedly.
Twice a month we meet in Pods. These are small groups that meet in people’s houses where we look at the Bible together and try to make sense of how God’s word connects with our lives today. As with most of our programs, it also involves games and food, chat and banter!

Other Stuff

We usually have a social once a term and during the summer get along to a Venture holiday. These are Christian residential holidays run by CPAS, which last for between 7 and 10 days. It’s a great chance to meet other Christians, grow in your faith in God and enjoy all sorts of offsite activities (watersports, indoor climbing, skiing, tobogganing, archery, zorb football and many more) and other adventures with like-minded people. Our youth go to two different ones (one for 11-14 year olds and one for 14-18 year olds).

For more information on this, or anything else to do with our youth work here at All Saints’, please contact Gen Eldred at

Rooted Calendar Spring 2019

Rooted Calendar Spring 2019