overview of the bible course

  • Have you ever wondered how the Bible fits together?
  • Do you want an overview of what’s in the Bible?
  • How does the Old Testament fit with the New Testament?
  • How do we know that the Bible is reliable?

This exciting course gives an overview of what is the Bible, the Law of Moses, worship in the Old Testament, the history of Israel, the Prophets, the wonder of fulfilled prophecy, the Gospels, the Epistles, key doctrines and unfulfilled prophecy.

Missed a session (or the whole course)?

Catch up by listening to a recording of each session.

SESSION 1 Introduction to the Bible | Monday, 22nd September | Ian Fox

SESSION 2 Old Testament: The Pentateuch | Monday, 29th September | Ian Fox

SESSION 3 Old Testament: Worship  | Monday, 20th October | Ian Fox

SESSION 4 Old Testament: Joshua to Song of Solomon | Monday, 27th October | Ian Fox

SESSION 5 Old Testament: Prophecy | Monday, 3rd November | Ian Fox

SESSION 6 Old Testament: Fulfilled Prophecy | Monday, 10th November | Ian Fox

SESSION 7 New Testament: The Gospels | Monday, 17th November | Ian Fox

SESSION 8 New Testament: The Epistles | Monday, 24th November | Ian Fox

SESSION 9 Unfulfilled Prophecy | Monday, 1st December | Ian Fox

SESSION 10 Key Doctrines | Monday, 8th December | Ian Fox